The Bomaby Fries

Serving more than 20 types of fries,The outlet I visited is located in Sakunkhe Vihar. Started in Mumbai, the Pune franchise has fries like nothing you’ll find elsewhere, examples include Peri Peri fries {Nando’s lovers will recognise the sauce}, Maggi fries, Amboo fries {fries with lots of melted cheese and sauces}, Nutella topped fries, Burrito fries, Bruce Lee fries {fries with noodles!}, Schezwan fries, Tandoori Cheese, Chipotle Cheese and even the good old Chili Cheese fries.

We also tried the crispy Tornado Fries

Coming in at approximately INR 100 a plate, they’re fairly affordable too.

There’s also non -potato based fries for our Jain friends too, where the fries are made out of bananas! There’s also milk shakes and beverages like cold coffee and iced tea available too.


A pocket-Friendly and amazing place to be.

The Bombay Fries  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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