Olive Wheat Grape

There is no wonder that the people of the Mediterranean region are warm,friendly real and fresh much like their cuisine.The cuisine though which was constructed for the common man has now become a worldwide sensation.They just don’t survive on it ,they thrive on it.

The three core components of Mediterranean cuisine are olive ,wheat and grape yielding olive oil,bread and pasta and wine .Not only is it tasty but it benefits us in various aspects of life .
Olives are versatile,wheats make bread and breads get people closes and grapes are said to have healing properties.

With the above context Olive wheat grape get us one step closer to experience this amazing Mediterranean cuisine just like in the Mediterranean region !

Here is what I tried here!
Started with tomato soup and pasta
It is light to the tummy and consists of herbs and beans .Loved it and was perfect to start our meal with.

Next up I tried the hummus chick pea spread of tahini with a blend of olive oil ,garlic and lime .
Was very tasty and made me fall in love with hummus all over again .

Also I tried Cottage Cheese Kebab Marinated With Yoghurt And Zatar Spice Harissa with parsley Mayo
It looked very amazing as it was presented as a smiley which also got a smile on my face .

In mocktails we tried cuddles on the beach and bella Bellini ,the speciality of the mocktails here is that they taste like cocktails but have no alcohol in it .
They were wonderful and made with a lot of specifics .

For main course we tried the veg supreme thin crust pizza
It was amazing with the cheesy pull as we ate it .

For dessert we tried the chocolate orange cake
The orange flavor was yummy coupled with the chocolate which got me drooling .

Olive wheat grape serves wonderful food at a reasonable cost

The ambience and service is top notch .They have a open kitchen .
Kudos to the team for such an amazing concept.

A must visit for people of all types corporates, families and college going peeps !

Olive Wheat Grape Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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