Pesto Pesto!

Pesto means a sauce of crushed basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil.

Pesto Pesto is located in Lane 6 ,Koregoan Park in the vicinity of amazing restaurants . It manages to stand out with its unique taste and amazing service.

They have a lot of stuff to offer right from Pizzas to risottos to sandwiches .The breakfast menu is huge and have very good options for both the veggies and non vegetarians .

You can try making your own pizza or pasta here .Also you can try the various beverages along with the wonderful main course and desserts.

Here is what I tried at Pesto Pesto

Pesto’s watermelon Feta Salad

Healthy salad to begin my meal at Pesto with an enriching amount of leafy vegetables and fruits especially watermelon and garnished with olive oil making it an amazing start .

Sphagetti Cheese Balls

Next up I tried the Sphagetti Cheese Balls .

As the name says these cheese balls were different in the way they were made .They looked beautiful and when you ate them you actually feel the sphagetti inside .Even when you break the cheese Ball into two pieces the cheese pull with the sphagetti is an amazing site.

Beetroot Risotto

I recently developed an affection towards risotto’s .The Beetroot risotto was beautifully presented garnished with a few dryfruits ,It was healthy and cooked very well .Hungry and want to try some really yummy risottos ,Pesto pesto is the place to be ,I will recommend you to try the Beetroot one.

Stuffed Mushroom sliders

I dont usually eat mushroom made food .But tried this one for a change and it totally changed my thoughts towards mushroom .It was delicious and kept me craving for more.

A starter very highly recommended at Pesto pesto!

For the main I tried the Quattro from aggie Pizza.It was completely wrapped in cheese and for all the cheese lovers this pizza is straight from heaven ,

You will go bonkers and keep coming to eat this one at Pesto pesto .

Quattro from aggie Pizza

Our meal ended with some of the best desserts I have had in a long time ,


On the left we have the goey chocolate cake and on the right we have the Baked BB cheesecake .Its difficult to choose a winner amongst the two but I will give it to the Baked BB cheescake .The moment I had it I had a deep sweet craving satisfaction .The moment of sweet truth was here and thanks to Pesto Pesto I was able to gave such wondeful desserts.

The Goey Chocolate cake was served with icecream and was equally tasty.

Pesto pesto is an amazing restaurant located in Koregoan Park where they cook everything in a clean and hygienic way and they are pretty sure of making a place in your heart .

So lets get going !!

Pesto Pesto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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