Fusion Dosa Factory

With new and exciting ventures getting opened almost every month in the city .Restaurants specializing in South Indian cuisines are on the rise .Giving the south Indian dosa a fusion of various cuisines is the motto of this newly opened outlet in Salunkhe Vihar .

It is located in one of the lanes so would suggest you to use Google maps!The name says that its all about Dosa but thats not the case ,the also serve Utthapa,appe,idli and more .

Visited the one on a hot Summer afternoon .Started with a quick Amul cool mini bottle since they don’t have any cold beverages .I hope they start serving them soon.The outlet is small with no fancy decor or extravaganza.Your soul purpose to come here should be the love for Food !

Since Dosa was on my mind I tried the following

Maggie Dosa

Undoubtedly two of my favorites Maggie and Dosa .They started with making the dosa by putting a tomato gravy on it first and then maggie poured on it and finally sprinkled with our favorite maggie masala.After the Dosa was nicely heated it was cut into rolls and garnished with cheese .They served the dosa with two types of chutneys and a delicious bowl of sambhar .The taste was amazing and the chutneys complemented the taste of this amazing fusion.The only thing which was a bit more was the oil.It could have been a bit less.

Cheese Burst Dosa

Just as we all like Maggie and Dosa we also love cheese a lot .Tried their Cheese burst Dosa which was made in a similar way but instead of the tomato gravy there was mayonese .This dosa is on the sweeter side .You can try this if you like sweet dosa’s.

The USP of this place is that a single fusion dosa can fill your stomach .It is scrumptious and value for money .Do try thir Nutella dosa’s as well .

The ambience is pretty small. It can occupy 14-16 people at a time. They have an open kitchen which is very clean .

You can visit Fusion Dosa Factory for their wonderful dosa’s and have a great time with an amazing fusion of different food.

Fusion  Dosa Factory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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