Khoob Bhalo at Zeera,Conrad !

India is a land of diverse cultures and cuisines.Every region has their own speciality and flavor which adds the essence of the culture which is followed. In eastern India Bengali cuisine is a major hit and getting an opportunity to have this wonderful cuisine in the west is something every foodie loves.

Khoob Bhalo festival is a Bengali food festival which is giving an opportunity to people to experience an authentic Bengali taste right here at Zeera,Conrad Pune .

Beautifully decorated
The Bengali Poster
The menu!

They are offering us vegetarian and non vegetarian thali’s with everything in the thali giving you the Bengali flavor and authenticity.I tried the Vegetarian thali .

Zeera at Conrad is an amazing restaurant with an exotic ambience .When you visit Conrad you are in for a visual treat.The decors are luxurious and the restaurants promise to give you an experience you will never forget.

The seating
a beautiful round table

I started my meal with an amazing cocktail called Chaap .The speciality about the cocktails and mocktails they serve here is that they are tested from a special lab at the hotel ,They assure you a wonderful drink to accompany your meal.


I tried a few more mocktails and cocktails on the menu .They were refreshing and very well stirred .I loved the perfect combination of all the pure fresh juices which were used in the mocktails and cocktails .

Looks so refreshing

We started with welcome drinks which included Por amar lebur sorbot or khejur ar badam loss

Por amar lebur sorbot
Shorber or Bengali aam panna is unique summer
drink made with flame roasted raw mangoes, lemon
and special spice-mix called the mosha OR
Khejur ar badam lassi
Yogurt blended with dates, almonds, water and sugar

On the table we had an amazing variety of dishes and starters they included,

It consisted of round hallow fried crisps filled with a mixture of flavored tangy tamarind water, tamarind chutney chilli, chaat masala, potato and onion .

Jhal muri
Puffed rice with an asortment of spices, vegetables and chanachur or bhujia

Grated cucumber carrot, beetroot tomatoes, onions green chilies and coriander leaves flavored with lemon and mustard oil .

Aamer chutney
aw mange cooked in sugar mustard seeds and Indian spices .

Tomato chutney
Tomatoes mashed or pulped with onion, garlic, ginger salt, vinegar and spices .

The meal had started and we had already got a insight of the authentic Bengali taste ,this got us craving for more.Next up we had the Starters ,they included

Vegetables chop
Beetroot, carrot, potatoes, peanuts are cooked with spices and coated with breadcrumbs the deep fried golden brown and served with kasundi and tomato ketchup.

Dal er bora
Channa dal and poppy seeds patty pan serced withmustard oil

Main course

A chorchori i the Bengali word for a mishmash or medley of vegetables. Dry preparation of mix
vegetables cooked with spices and mustard paste.

Potol er dorma
Painted gourd stuffed with potato, cottage cheese and dry fruits then deep fried and poached in onion and tomato gravy .

Echorer kalia
Raw jack fruit also known as gach patha in Bengal the literal translation of which means tree goat, is cooked with Bengali spices.

Aloo jhinge posto
Ridge gourd and potatoes are cooked together with poppy seeds paste.

Cholar dal
This dish of dal is flavored with coconut ghee and an assortment of whole spices.

We had these with Luchi which is deep fried puffed puri and Koraishutir kochuri which had spiced green peas stuffed in savory fried bread.

In the end we were also given a Basanti Pulao which added essence to the whole meal .

Here is a glimpse of the thali .

To end our meal we were given the authentic mishti doi,the rosogolla and payish .

Mishti doi
Bengali delicacy mishti mans sweet and doi is curd. Condensed milk sweetened with jaggery, and allowing to ferment overnight.

Nolen gurer rosogolla
Milk dumplings poached in date palm jaggery wired syrup.

To sum it up I would like to rate my experience as 5/5 ,The service ,the ambience was top notch .I did not expect Bengali food would taste so good .

Head over to Zeera Conrad Pune to experience this festival which is valid till 31st May 2019 .

Thank you !

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