The curse of influencing !

A couple of years back when we were just getting familiar with the technology change and entering the revolution of social media .I decided to take a bold step !

Yes it was a bold, difficult and a move that changed my life. I decided to share my experiences with people .My experience about the food I ate, the place I travelled and the products I used.

People made fun of me, my friends abandoned me,the world looked at me from a negative perspective.

Even today when I get collaborations after working my ass out ,people have that weird jealousy on their faces .

I am an Influencer

It is something I started with an investment of my own ,the savings of my own .I get collaborations because I worked hard initially and so am I now .Its not easy to be an influencer.Trust me.Posting daily ,looking good ,writing posts,reviews till late night,blah and balah

Back in 2012 I was 57 kgs a person who never had alcohol .A tender slim personality ,Life was tough because people started judging me on based on my habits ,my attitude .Its okay to not drink right why do you make fun of It ?

Now in  the present I am 65 ,I regularly go the gym ,I am fit ,I get invited to all the popular places in Pune ,I receive collaborations and I am honest about the things I do .It does not happen instantly .The reason I am writing this article is to express which I hesitate to .

Trying to influence people is not always easy .In a country like India where you have fierce competition hunting you down at every moment of life you have to stick to NEVER QUIT and NEVER GIVE UP quotes to inspire and motivate you .

Writing a review about something is easy but getting reviewed about yourself ,your body ,your work and your attitude is something very difficult to take .

Keeping aside the negativity,we influencers don’t have special powers,we are normal people working 9-6 and spending extra time just for people so that they don’t get mislead by things .
Of course the name of an influencer is getting spoilt by a group of people following Malpractices and creating a nuisance with fake numbers on social media .
But my main point today is when you think of that an Influencer is having a exotic ,dreamy life,Its not the case.
Think twice ,what looks good from outside takes a lot from the inside.
We as influencers go through frustrating days , depression and social media syndrome.A day without posting a picture is taken as sickness .
Eating food in restaurants regularly does not benefit the body ,it creates problems .The influencer Industry also demands you to look good .
Lick asses of big influencers.
Man I am so tired of it .
I love creating content and talking my heart out on social media.
The struggle is real when you are laughed at ,you are not supported,you are put down at every instance of life .
We are humans and we take things to the heart !
Easy to say difficult to understand.

To be continued …

Life is not about apples and cherries

Its your choice to take it voluntary

Break the shambles and expect ferries

Life does not give you second chances so make your own merry

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