The Great Kabab Factory

The only way to my heart is through delicious,drooling and yummy food and Great kabab factory at Radisson Blu Kharadi in Pune has successfully made its way through.

Radisson Blu kharadi

With one of the tastiest kababs in Pune ,I was greeted with scintillating starters, mouth watering main course and tantalizing desserts .
The restaurant is located on the first floor of this 5 star hotel .
You can reach here easily by taking the Google maps for reference.
Great Kabab factory is a chain of restaurants which is active since the 90’s. The quality at this restaurant is constant in all these years and that’s what makes it a must try .

The Great Kabab Factory

The ambience of this place oozes class .The seating,wall art and inner decors are sober yet sexy.


Without much a do let’s start with the food review
The menu exclusively curated by the chef is volatile and changes everyday throughout the year .What this means is the food will be the same but the spices, ingredients and flavors will change daily throughout the year.

Started with a refreshing fruit and salad platter which consisted of cucumber,tomatoes,musk melon and water melon.
This got me rejuvenated after a long day at work.

fruit and salad platter

There were four different types of chutneys on our table


To start with ,there was corn with pudina served in a different way .The corn was stuffed in tiny pressure cookers and the pudina flavored shot with a papdi on top was in a chai wala glass .The combination was a different way to start this exotic meal .

Corn and Pudina shot

The most astonishing thing about this wonderful restaurant is that all your round the masterchef Sandeep Srivastava changes the flavors,ingredients of the starters on a daily basis .The changes are done everyday keeping the taste up to the mark all the time .This is a ridiculously awesome effort taken by the chef and the staff .

The menu for the day I attended consisted of the following

Menu for the day

The Menu for the day got me excited .I tried the vegetarian side .

Started with the subz Galauti kabab .

Subz Galouti Kabab

The signature starter was absolutely smashing .It was garnished beautifully with pieces of pomegranate and onion rings on the top .The quality was so good that as soon as I took a bite of it ,the bite melted down my throat .The quality and taste was top notch .

Next up was Pudina Paneer tikka

Pudina Paneer Tikka

Marinated perfectly with a flavor on enriching pudina I loved the quality of paneer and the way it was garnished .Absolutely perfect I must say.The Paneer cooked is so good that it melt down your throat as it makes its way to the stomach .

Next up was Anarkali Aaloo .

Anarkali Aaloo

Served with Papad ki churi and three types of chutneys ,this was one of the best starters of the evening .I can even say that it was one of the best aaloo starters I have had in a long long tine .The taste,marination and garnising everything is up to the mark .

It was time for Peanut mutter ki tikki

Peanut mutter ki tikki

This one looks like something of chicken but it was made up of peanuts and mutter .The taste was superb and the chutney added to the flavor .

Next tried the Corn Potato roll .This one was excellent in taste and flavors

Corn Potato roll

After an amazing treat of various starters ,the last starter was a fruit starter ,unique in style and taste ,iy was served like a sizzler .

This one was called Pineapple chat

After an amazing start to the meal .it was time for main course

Overwhelmed by the service and taste ,the starters were giving me foodgasms. The main course I tried their famour dal factory,a mix vegetable and Paneer ki sabzi with Garlic kulcha.

The taste of these was mind boggling.

Adding to the essence was the subz biryani .The flavor was neutral but was tasty and very rich in quality.We can make it spicy or sweet by requesting the chef .

Commencing my meal with amazing desserts was a cherry on the cake .Tried their Pan kulfi,gulab jamun rasmalai and halwa .

The Great kabab factory along with Chef Sandeep Srivastava bring out the best of kababs inculcating a 5 star experience of quality ,taste and droolworthy food .

The best thing about them is the amount of variety and quality they offer.The sincere efforts taken by them for us to have an unforgettable experience is appreciable .

Do visit this amazing place to try out one of the best food in Quality and taste in Pune .

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