Shinde Chhatri

When you take the Pune city tour bus(Pune Darshan) they take you to iconic landmarks in Pune .By iconic I mean places with rich architectural persona and grandeur.Distant from the city is amemorial which is not only beautiful but also one of the most photogenic places in Pune .

The name is ‘Shinde Chhatri’.

Sinde Chhatri

It is a memorial dedicated to the 18th century military leader Mahadji Shinde who served as the commander-in-chief of the Maratha army under the Peshwas from 1760 to 1780. Back in the 17th century there was just a temple of Lord Shiva here .It was built by Mahadji Shinde and he died in the same year when the temple was built .He was cremated in the premises and a memorial was built in the year 1965 to honor him.

The entrance

The entry fee is as minimum as 10-15 rupees .The monument is till date beautiful representing the spectacular Anglo-Rajasthani architectural work.The Anglo-Rajasthani style of construction exhibits a fine blending of two different cultures. The architectural grandeur of the building is appreciable with beautiful carvings and the building is the lively specimen of a structure constructed following the Vaastu Hara rules.

Shinde Chhatri

The fine carvings and idols of saints on the steeple of the Shiva temple are made of yellow stone and the base and the sanctum sanctorum are constructed in black stone. The Chhatri (hall) not only has carvings and painting, but also houses a gallery in it. Coloured window-panes used for the windows are of English style. The hall is beautifully adorned with paintings and photographs of members of Shinde family.

From inside

How to reach Shinde Chhatri ?

Located in Wanawdi which is pretty far from the city .The pune muncipal corporation has quite a few local buses which come near this iconic memorial .You can board a bus from Swargate or Pune Station or any location to reach here .Shinde Chhatri is well known to the local auto guys as well .You can also take one of the autos and reach here but that might cost you a bit more .


To sum up ,Shinde Chhatri is a historical gem in Pune which you can visit when you visit Pune and click spectacular shots.


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