Parvati Hill

Over the course of my life, I’ve been to a lot of places but there are some places which are extremely close to my heart.
Unknown to people living in IT dominated areas, Parvati hill is an ancient part of the cultural heritage of Pune.

Located in one of the greenest areas of Pune!
Parvati hill has its roots mapped back to the early 17th century. The Peshwas built temples on this beautiful hilltop.
Parvati hill gives you one of the best panoramic views of the city and is the second-highest hilltop in Pune.

There were no steps when it was first built, soldiers from the Peshwa dynasty used to trek their way up or they used to ride horses to reach atop.
Parvati is home to 5 beautiful temples, a museum, and a yoga center . The flora and fauna of this hill make it a unique spot in Pune.

How to reach Parvati?
By bus : you can board a local Pune municipal corporation bus and get down at the closest bud stop
By rickshaw: mostly all the local auto drivers know this place ,so won’t be difficult to reach here.

According to me the best time to visit is early morning where you can witness the spectacular sunrise .If getting up in the morning is an issue then you can visit this hill in the evening to witness the breathtaking sunset.

Parvati enthralls you with visuals ,people from the age of 3 to 70 ,from dogs to sheeps ,sports teams working out and tourists at any time of the day .Parvati is an ideal place where the fresh air seeps through your body and rejuvenates you .As soon as you start climbing you are amazed by the trees and cleanliness this place holds. In the morning when you rise up this hill along with the sun rising up the sky ,the feeling is special .

Steps !

On reaching the top you can see temples ,a cafe and a museum .

The Musuem contains historical artifacts of the Peshwas ,right from their attire to the weapons to the coins they used .You can get back in time .The entry to the museum is a mere 20 rupees .

In the backside of the museum is the crematory of Balaji rao .Next to that are a few more temples and a yoga center .

The temples are of Lord Shiva ,Parvati ,Vishnu ,Vitthal and Rama .

Parvati Hill holds an important place showcasing the history and culture of Pune .Standing tall and keeping an eye on the city it protects us from the outcasts.

In the main temple there is also a secret road which was used by the Peshwas to go to Shaniwar wada .It is obviously closed now ,but that was a shortcut people that time used to use .

It is one of the most recommended place when you visit Pune and according to me the most ideal one .

If you live in the city and haven’t visited Parvati then you should definitely visit it and if you are new to city and touring around then should be in your list .


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