Nine Square

There are very few vegetarian places which make a non vegetarian foodie love vegetarian food.
Squaring all ends with hardcore meat eaters here is a sucker punch to the meat eaters.
Located in yerwada creaticity, nine square is a popular restaurant in pubtown loved by people of all ages.

The name means that they serve nine different cuisines which is exclusively curated by MasterChef Ajay Chopra.

Everything about this place reflects utmost quality, the food is excellent, the ambience is classy and the service is top notch.

Here is what I tried
In mocktails I tried the Gulabo and virgin mojito.The Gulabo was red in color with rose base and sprinkled with masala. It was good and not dosed with artificial sweeteners. The mojito on the other hand was fabulous and was perfect to start a wonderful meal.

virgin mojito

Tried an Indian appetizer Black jack sev puri.
On a base of charcoal with smashed aloo and the flavor of Delhi Chaat oozing out from it made it and excellent dish to try here. Will recommend you to try this Chaat.

Black jack sev puri

Khoya matar tacos was another Mexican starter I tried. The filling of the tacos was majorly dominated with cottage cheese. It was tasty !

Khoya matar tacos

Sante fe potato skin was made with roasted potato scooped, crispy fried, stuffed with refried beans, it was different and yummy.The food had just started and I was already getting overwhelmed by the taste and quality.
It was served with tomato coriander jalapeno sauce which added an amazing flavor.

Seasonal veg in chilly oyster sauce served with noodles resembling Asian cuisine and nailing it.

To wind up my meal tried the chocolate pastry and Fig and honey ice cream.The pastry was delicious and got me a foodgasm .On the other hand I could feel lots of honey and Fig in the nitrogen based icecream .The icecream is presented in a nitrogen based smokey flask keeping it frozen .

Finally tried the Cappuccino which was the showstopper.It was distinct from the coffees served in other places and was very good!

A place to eat amazing vegetarian food with family and friends !
Head over !

and below are the pictures what more I have tried at this amazing place.

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Thanks for Reading !

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