Pahadi and Chocolate Sandwich

A blog post dedicated to one of the most loved snack in the world .


Ever since Falahaar opened a few years a ago ,it was popularly known for its jamun shots which without a doubt are absolutely the best sellers even now .

For a person like me who never goes to Cafe’s or restaurants just for the aesthetics ,of course that is important but the food and taste should be the two main factors to judge a place .No offence to other reviewers or critics .

Falahaar offers a wide range of Snacks right from Pizzas,Pav Bhaji’s to Pulav’s .This Blog post is dedicated to one of its top seller : The Pahadi Grilled Sandwich and to my new Favorite The Chocolate Grilled Sandwich.

Often related to the classic Vegetable cheese toast we get at other shops the Pahadi sandwich has its roots back in the mountains .If you have ever been to the mountains you will totally understand the reason why it is called Pahadi.

These sandwiches often filled with a lot of veggies and and topped with Cheese taste a Gem when tried with the two chutneys they provide .Not only that but the ketchup served adds an extra taste which makes it more special .

Pahadi Grilled Sandwich

The Chocolate Grilled Sandwich as the name sounds was a fully loaded chocolate grilled sandwich .Served with Chocolate icecream this sandwich got me drooling with its brilliant chocolate filling .

Try this one at Falahaar which has multiple outlets in Pune .

Chocolate Grilled Sandwich

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