Pune to Dubai

Do you Feel like you need an escape from 9-6 ,5 day a week routine?

Want to experience gorgeous turquoise waters, stunning skyscrapers, incredible entertainment options, and luxury accommodations? Then a Dubai vacation is what will make you overwhelmed by experiences you will never forget in your life! Dubai has everything from luxury, record-breaking buildings and entertainment to beach retreats and desert adventures.

Here’s how I started my Dubai vacation on a budget.

I booked my flight about 4 months ago and got the to and fro tickets just for 14000 rupees ie 200 dollars .Yes sounds cheap isn’t it? .Spicejet offers direct flights from Pune to Dubai at a very economical cost .

The flight departs from Pune at 7.40 pm and reaches Dubai at 9.50 pm Dubai time .

Once you land in Dubai and get done with immigration and reach outside the airport ,you start feeling like you are in India just an upgraded verion with better roads,cars and tall buildings .

Ever feel like booking a budget flight to Dubai try this one from Pune .


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