Safari in the deserts of Dubai

Dubai with its rapid expansion as one of the most developed cities in the world has topped the charts for the most visited cities in the world .Its urbanization and rapid development has lead to attraction and investments from all over the world.

But long before it was all started Dubai was the land of deserts with the sand spread over all of UAE.For tourists visiting Dubai it is an exciting experience in the desert which they call as the Dubai desert Safari.

From Downtown there is car which picks you for the desert Safari . The drive is almost 2-2.5 hours and can be boring at times .We chose the sunset time where in we reached just about at the right time .After we reach the base point we were transferred to cars which were suitable for dune bashing .

Okay I must say Dune bashing is overrated ,I felt the adrenaline rush more when I did the Bungee at Rishikesh ,Its good for kids though .The car drops you in the middle of the desert in a decorated stall where hawkers are roaming with camels and quad bikes .

After a long wait we witnessed Belly dancing ,Fire show and artistic dance .I was not impressed by the belly dance and found the fire show amazing .After the event you are brought back the base point where you board the same car with which you arrived .

I boarded the car from Downtown and was dropped back there .

Overall the experience was good but not appealing or wanting me to do it again,

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