World’s largest natural flower garden

Home to over 50 million flowers and 250 million flower plants Miracle Garden in Dubai is the largest natural flower garden in the world. It is staggering to see that in a dessert where it is difficult for plants to survive the Miracle garden stands tall attracting millions of tourists from all over the world….

World’s Largest Picture Frame

The worlds Largest picture frame also known as the Dubai Frame is located near Zabeel Park Jogging Track in Dubai.Its height is 93 meter and is a significant landmark in mordern Dubai.It offers spectacular views of the city’s past and present. It serves as a massive, metaphorical bridge that connects the emirate’s past with its opulent…

Global Village

Global Village in Dubai is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road Dubai. It combines cultures of 90 countries across the world at one place. It claims to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping and entertainment project. It takes around 30-45 mins if you are coming from Sharjah.The size of the complex is humongous….

Pune to Dubai

Do you Feel like you need an escape from 9-6 ,5 day a week routine? Want to experience gorgeous turquoise waters, stunning skyscrapers, incredible entertainment options, and luxury accommodations? Then a Dubai vacation is what will make you overwhelmed by experiences you will never forget in your life! Dubai has everything from luxury, record-breaking buildings…